Jodie hails from "Down Under" and does a great job babysitting. She also has a gorgeous ass, which Mr Hesky can't resist.
So when Jodie comes to collect her money when his wife isn't home, and tells him that she LIKES it when he touches her ass, Mr Heskey couldn't help himself!

He rams his fingers into her, gives her ass a good squeeze, then bangs her senseless! Thats great babysitting!

Bobbi tells Mr Wilson she needs the babysitting money to pay off her car, so he shows her ways to earn extra money.
The kids are busy and the wife is away, so it's easy for Mr Wilson to convince Bobbi that the American way to get money when in college, is to BLOW!

Bobbi strips down to her sneakers and sucks his cock like a hoover, before jumping on top and bouncing away like mad!

Bree comes to babysite while the father and his son Johnny goes out for a few hours, and then come home early!
What they find is Bree has gotten a bit too bored, and was masturbating naked on the steps in their house. She even came all over the hallway floor!
Obviously, they need to teach her a lesson and they take turns stuffing her with cock

Its a true father and son team, with them high fiving each other while fucking her like a pig on a spit!

Alana is desperate for a babysitting job, and this family is the strangest she will ever meet.
After a grueling interview by Mr Johnson, Alana is given the job. However, these weird "children" sexually attack her while she is sleeping!

If she wants to keep her job, she also has to convince Mr Johnson, and the only way to do that is to suck his knob dry. One of Mr Johnson's friend is there, so Alana gets a double injection of cock!

Mr Peterson is divorcing his wife to be with the babysitter, Dorringo The lawyer wants to know whats up, so Mr Peterson introduces him to Dorringo.
After meeting Mr Peterson's lawyer, she quickly grabs his cock and starts sucking away, and when Mr Peterson comes back in the room, she sucks his cock too!

Next thing you know they're all sucking and fucking, and shoving their dicks in whatever hole DOrringo has. What a great babysitter!



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